Mesuji Regency is a regency in the province of Lampung, on the island of Sumatra, in Indonesia. The regency has a total land area of 843 square miles. According to the 2010 National Census, the total population of Mesuji Regency was 187,286 people. The capital can be found in Mesuji. In November of 2010, four individuals were found dead in the village of Wirabinangun following a cock fight bust up.

In the 2011 Mesuji regency elections, a Jakarta court throws out the regency's election results. The Tanjungkarang Administrative Court decided to reverse the victory of Khamamik and Ismail Iskak following an investigation that determined that both candidates were not eligible to run in the elections. The same court ordered KPUD (or the Mesuji General Elections Commission) to revoke a decree that the pair had won the elections.

The ruling that was issued favored the complainants -- the executive board of PDIP's (or the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle) Lampung branch. Before the Mesuji regency elections took place, the executive board of PDIP opposed the nomination of Ismail and Khamamik (who are both members of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle). The court stated that this was sufficient ground to void Ismail and Khamamik candidacy.